My "Problem" with Technology

I've been working in the Technology field for about 28 years now.
My "problem" is this: I'm still fascinated ... impressed ... awed, by technology. Even the slightest "ho-hum" thing just pushes my button.
For example, today I was working with a client. They had to establish an account for me and grant me certain rights to their FTP server.
We tried and it didn't work. I then PING-ed the server, we found the problem (turns out the DNS server was pointing to an internal FTP server; I simply use the fixed IP address instead) and BINGO I'm in!
That just is so cool to me! Push some buttons and wham-o I'm cruising their server.
Heck, I still haven't gotten over the telephone. I mean ... think about it; you push some buttons and suddenly you're talking to someone anywhere on the planet! DUDE ... THINK ABOUT THAT for a minute.
Tech is cool.
All The Best,
-- Don


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