Don 1, Embolism 0

I kicked it's ass!

Actually ... visited the doc last week for my final check, including bloodwork. Short story is: I'm as healthy as can be. Or even more so; my numbers are terrific.

As for the embolism ... it wasn't! HA! Turns out, I had three things going at once: A shoulder injury, a (probable) allergic reaction to all the Advil I was taking resulting in hives, and -- get this -- gall stones!

The gall stones explains the pain in the side and lower back and the elevated liver enzymes!

So I'm in great health and can return to working out ... kayaking ... SURFING! ... and all the Go Get 'Em stuff I like to do.

WOOO-HOOO ... I'm off to ocean in late September for some wave action!

All The Best,

-- Don (who is, obviously, very happy and excited ... excited enough to overuse exclamation points!!!!)


Anonymous said…
**getting out her eraser and removing some of the exclamation marks...rubrubrurb**

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