This Guy I Know

I know this guy. He graduated from high school in my wife's class. So he's about 48 years old.
His I.Q. is probably under 100. He's not stupid, but he's not going to be working on the genome project any time soon. Catch my drift?
Since high school, his career consisted of running a machine for Dentsply. He makes $19 per hour. That's it. Hardly well-to-do.
So ... he's retiring at the end of August. RETIRING! Age 48!
He's been getting ESOP contributions since day one at Dentsply, and he's cashing in his stock, investing in something safe (I suggest Tax-Free Munies), and retiring.
Two million dollars. TWO MILLION DOLLARS!
DAMN! Way to go!
It TRULY is what you SPEND, not what you MAKE.
All The Best,
-- Don


Ian said…

I need to learn to spend.

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