The Battle Is On

I'm battling depression right now. Been for about two months.
I think the root cause is that I feel totally overwhelmed with responsibility.
At work, all three of my customers want me there most of if not all the time. It's a "good problem", as they say, but it puts a lot of stress on me, what with trying to juggle my schedule and keep them all happy.
I just finished an extremely important, high-profile project for one customer. Important as in "we can't remain in business without this" and high-profile as in a certain government agency needs to approve my work in order for my customer to stay in business.
At home, I have the deck refinishing project. My perfectionist wife, God bless her thorough and "do-it-right" heart, insists that we sand the deck before the new coat of opaque stain. Sand it by hand. No electric; BY HAND.
(Note: Never, NEVER, use opaque stain. It means you have peeling after two years and a constant battle to keep the deck looking nice.)
I have a ton of mulch to spread. Literally. But before that, I have a "land reclamation" project whereby I am chopping weeds (burdock - ARGH!) and hauling stuff away. Then I can mow the area enough to get in, pull weeds and finally mulch.
Add five years with no vacation.
I guess, after writing this, it's not so much. But I somehow feel overwhelmed.
Oh well ... just keep chipping away.
Gotta run; a customer just called and wants something RIGHT NOW!
All The Best,
-- Don


Anonymous said…
Hmmm. I think you should tell the perfectionist wife that machine sanding is the way to go. Hand sanding?? She probably doesn't want the stuff to go into the fish pond, but gee, cover the fish pond with clear plastic.
Anonymous said…
I feel your overwhelmed-ness...yeah yeah, good english...get over about ready a home for sale, hopefully sell it; remodel the unfinished basement of another home; celebrate five birthdays, one graduation; AND plan and execute a wedding...all in two months....the honeymoon dont happen until next the serious side...try the supplement sam-e for depression. I take it everyday of the year and I have been on prescription meds in the past. This works better, no side effects. Maybe after all this time and all the changes in my life I dont need meds anymore, but I am not gonna take the chance. i have stood on the edge of the depression abyss too often to risk it. You know who you can call...been there...have the am only a call away....sorry I missed you this trip. I decided to focus on the clan this time, had the kids with me....maybe next time. Any word on whether there is to be a reunion this year?

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