Teeth, Hawaii, Europe

So I had my twice-a-year teeth cleaning today, and while there I spoke with the dentist about having my entire smile "redone" to make it nicer, straighter, better, etc.
The technology is incredible ... and so is the cost. Ballpark figure is around $7,000, give or take a few C-notes.
So ... get the new smile, or take a wonderful vacation? Hawaii? Italy? Iceland??
What to do?
All The Best,
-- Don


Anonymous said…
my vote is on iceland...teeth look great!....hawaii and italy have been ovredone......joe and i have been looking at iceland for the honeymoon.....my vote is there....good luck!

huggs from colorado
Ian said…
Teeth? Are you kidding me?

WHO CARES! You're 40+, you look great for your age. Go to Hawaii or Austria or something. Life is short, who cares if your smile looks great when it's over.

That's my 2 cents anyways. I'm not super concerned with my own appearance though, and in fact am only concerned so much that my significant other is happy with it. So maybe it's up to mom...
bwc said…
Don, you get the smile redone, and the dentist gets to go to Europe or Hawai'i.

What "technology was incredible?" Have they found a non-painful way to straighten teeth?

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