Race Against Racism

On April 28, 2007, the Lancaster YWCA is holding their annual Race Against Racism 5K run.
I'm commiting right now to running in it. I won't be running to win, but I'm using this as a Goal for which to shoot.
Almost 48 years old, bad back (which generally prevents me from running; not sure how I'll handle that) and haven't been in "running shape" in five years.
Do I shoot for 27 minutes? Better? Twenty four minutes? Thirty??
All The Best,
-- Don


Miles said…
Nazi punks f--- off!

Jello Biafra
Dead Kennedys

great minds think alike
Ian said…

The BEST thing you can do for your back is to get some VERY good shoes. I suggest anything by Asics. They are the best shoe, and oddly enough, a lot cheaper than their competitors. Go to flying feet on Mt. Rose Avenue. They are the best ever at finding the right fit (and umm...might have extra wide sizes).

I would also suggest you take up Tai Chi or some form of Qi Gong to help your back as well. It seems to help a lot.
-- Don said…
I got some New Balance shoes of somewhat good quality.
Anonymous said…
advice from your trainer friend....is there a store in the area that evaluates your gait? using video of you on a treadmill? thats is an excellent start. also, just because a shoe works for one person doesn't mean it will for another. we all walk/run differently. flying feet sounds like an excellent starting point. and yes strengthening your core is vital for back support. but core isnt just your ab muscles. start training slowly and build up, your core will come up to speed as well. but your biggest improvement in running will be to focus on core work as well as running.
let me know what i can do to help.

oh, yeah....hey there miles! (kelly myers-wallace here...lol)

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