Filing versus Piling

I use Windows XP. I pretty much have to, since I'm a .NET developer.

(An aside: If you can tell me how to do .NET web development using a Mac/OSX please convince me and I'll switch in a heartbeat)

The "My Documents" on my PC has about 200 sub-folders. Some of them have sub-folders.

Problem is, do I file a document here or there or ... or where?? There could be many places it "belongs".

Yeah yeah I know about shortcuts but they're pretty lame. Too much work, too. What? ... drop a document into a folder and then create half-a-dozen shortcuts? No thanks.

So I'm just about to move from the "Filing" mindset to the "Piling" idea. That is, simply put ALL of my documents into the "My Documents" folder. Done.

When I want a document, I open the folder and jump to the name. Not sure of the name? Hello Google Desktop Search.

Unless I get a hugely compelling reason, I'm switching to "Piling" this weekend.

All The Best,

-- Don


Ian said…
seriously, let the computer do the work. Use google desktop search (whatever that is) on a PC (again, whatever that is)

Or use spotlight on a mac.

-- Don said…
I agree. Why not let my computer filing system mirror my filing system IRL?! HA!

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