RV or Hotels?

Recently, my wife and I were discussing what we will do when we win the Powerball.
I said I'd fly around in a private jet, or else drive around in my new Lincoln MKX, and stay at the nicest hotels.
She said she'd rather purchase a large, extremely nice RV and travel.
My argument was that I prefer the room and luxury of a hotel, including having someone else make the bed and do the laundry.
Her argument was that an RV can take you more places and you *know* who's been sleeping in the bed.
What do you think?
All The Best,
-- Don


Ian said…
I try really hard not to think about who has done what in the bed at hotels...so mom has a very valid argument there.

However, how do you take the RV to France and Belgium and Austria? Plus, those hotels are an experience all of themselves.

I say both.

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