I'm going to be a Grandpa! In late August!!


Anonymous said…
I just stumbled into this blog and time sure flies. Would a certain non-female person wearing a dress as a joke at a profression User conference expo bring back any memories. Or have I misremembered the exact circumstances. Being older I misremember things more now, at least I think I remember I do, or don't do.
Regards from New Hampshire
-- Don said…
Anonymous said…
<< Paul?

Nah, he's left coaster.

Steve Moland, I go back as far to the old dial-up NewsLink BBS. I support 2600 ISeries boxes for software writtein mostly in the 90s and some C code needs some changes and my partner Tim died of a brain tumor 2 years ago.

I was searching all the email lists, forums and other programmer haunts for possible 'C" consultants. I came across your name in places (cross language places) back over time in the last 2 to 4 years and since I'd thought about you from time to time I figured I do a Google search and see where you were and found your blog.

If your are still in the business I have some non C questions I'm currenly asking. Could you send me an email at

Where the underscores are replaced by letters from Paul's last name.

In the order of required replacement:

Last letter of name.
Third letter of name.
Second letter of name.

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