Bush and the Conservative Christians

A new book is coming out soon, "Tempting Faith".
It explores (and exposes) how the Bush Administration is using Conservative Christians for political gain while giving nothing back in return.
Interesting. I think I know a lot of duped people. Thanks to my good friend, Rich, who has been skeptical of and been exposing Bush's insincerity since the beginning.
Thanks, Rich.
All The Best,
-- Don


Anonymous said…
While three is a concerted effort by the liberal press to create divisions on the right, these reports and claims are thoroughly uninteresting and meaningless unless expressed by the conservative Christians themselves. And on that score, while there is always griping and sniping in a major party, the values-issue chasm is too huge for

"duped"? hmmm. Republican party has had its leaders stand against same-sex marriage and the Democrat party's ledaers claims that those who are against it are homophobic bigots. Redefining marriage is a big issue for those who have a strong belief in traditional families.

Bush has come out against killing embryos in stem cell research, which gives him cheers from pro-lifers and jeers from other quarters. Add in the Roberts, Alito nominations, Bush's faith-based initiatives and other items. These are not necessarily party-line issues/positions, but the trend is clear enough that it explains why church-goers are increasingly Republican.

Now we see multiple examples where scandalized Republicans resign in disgrace, but corrupt Democrats stay in office (Rep Jefferson, Sen Reid, Sen Menendez, Rep Mollohan, etc.). Discerning "values voters" will keep in mind the hypocrisy of the Democrats - the Democrats seem to think corruption is not a bad thing if the corrupt one is a Democrat.

Conservative Christians are facing an increasingly hostile culture, as most of the Hollywood and the media elites are on the 'other side' of the US cultural divide. I find it ironic that those folks who are most hostile and clueless about conservative Christians would now be perking up with advice about where their true interests lie. No, not ironic ... typical liberal media arrogance is more like it.

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