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Well, it's time for a new car.
Where my wife drives her Buick Rendezvous (a car that I love, by the way), I tool around in my Spyder. Granted, the Spyder is a flat-out blast to drive, but I can't haul my kayak, surfboard, mountain bike or even my golf clubs.
And my Saab is done. It's so crappy that I'm ready to junk it.
My perfect vehicle: Can haul my stuff ... good gas mileage ... all the air bags (front, side, side curtain) ... cheap. Reliable, too (read Honda or Toyota). Four wheel drive is a plus but not necessary. Off-road capability is, again, nice but not required.
It has to be nice enough so that I'll *want* to keep it for five years or so. The Rendezvous, for example ... fully loaded, I mean FULLY loaded, and it's a dream. Had it for over five years and it's still cherry and a wonderful ride.
But for me? Honda Fit? Toyota Yaris sedan? PT Cruiser? Chevrolet HHR? Hyundai Accent? Kia Rio 5? Mazda 3 wagon? Subaru? Suzuki SX4? Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix?
(I just love the Subaru Baja -- yeah, not attractive-looking but I don't care -- but really don't want to spend a lot of money)
Or ... do I plunk down some more serious coinage and go with something more substantial? Audi 3? Nissan Murano? Ford Edge?
Your thoughts?
All The Best,
-- Don


Bob said…
Yaris so totally, guud in the gas milage. Otherwise, I decision would be a Nissan Murano. My parents have one. Good sub.

ps. bad grammer on purpose.
Your Son said…
A real man knows a station wagon when he sees one.

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