Automobile Update

I've made one decision: I'm keeping my Saab and driving it during the winter. I also want to sell my Spyder. 2000 Spyder with only 12,000 miles on the rebuilt engine. Perfect condition.
In the spring, or early next summer, or perhaps even later, I'll pick up a new vehicle. Then again, if the Saab keeps running well ... (it does run great).
Right now, a 3-Series BMW is at the top of my list. A wagon would be nice, but a 330Xi, all-wheel drive sedan seems to be calling to me right now.
Or perhaps a Subaru. If you haven't checked out the new Subarus ... wow ... the poor man's BMW. VERY nice.
So, for now, it's BMW in the lead with Subaru a close second.
I guess I need to toss the Lexus IS250 and Acura TL into the mix. Hmmmm ... so I'm back to where I started: UNSURE!
All The Best,
-- Don


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