Love Letter I Received

So, today, I received a love letter from Veteran's Affairs.

It is in regard to the data theft that occurred in May. You know ... the one they kept secret for 19 days!

Lovely ... I'm "eligible". Great.

And the worst part? The gist of the letter is "Sorry ... But you're on your own. Oh; here's who to call if you get your Identity stolen".

Bastards! Unlike other first-world nations, where the burden is on the financial institutions, we here in America have to fend for ourselves.

Fantastic! Another thing I can worry about. I'll have to monitor my credit report (at my expense, mind you) and every little piece of financial paper that comes across my desk.

For how long? WHO CAN SAY?

Thanks VA ... Thanks for standing up for us veterans. After all, all we did was pledge our very lives for this country.

Well, I'm sure the Bush Administration will help *COUGHBULLSHITCOUGH*

All The Best,

-- Don


Michelle said…
You aren't alone!! We received one of these wonderful letters too.
Just another "Thank you for serving your country!" from our wonderful Government!

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