Home Office: What Color?

I have a room at home that will become my new home office. Currently, the walls are eggshell white. The carpet is light gray but can/will be changed -- most likely be replaced by laminate flooring of a color that will go with the walls.
And that's my question: What color to paint the walls?
Right now, Orange is the front-runner.
Your suggest is wanted.
Thanks, and All The Best,
-- Don


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
what color makes you feel...energized....creative....joyful....paint it that...if that is orange, so be it....paint trial patches, large patches on different walls and live with the color before choosing...and always remember...it is only paint, it can be repainted!..from Colo...huggs..ps, i am painting my kitchen and dining rooms now, as well as finally getting around to the bamboo flooring!!..woohoo, i am excited!
Ian said…
Don't paint it something toooo energizing/creative/etc. because it will surely run you dry at some point.

Remember when they painted Prison walls pink, after a while it turned the prisoners ultra-violent.

At least don't paint it pink I guess. :)
Michelle said…
I'm voting on Red Walls with black trim. Don't laugh.....it looks awesome!

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