Best Music Ever

Right now, I'm listening to my all-time favorite song. Ever.
"Silver Bells" by Perry Como.
This song immediately snaps me back to a wonderful time in my life ... a youngster, no responsibilities, parents taking me Christmas shopping in downtown York ... presents under the tree ...
Christmas was my mother's time; she decorated and had the Christmas spirit, without ever going overboard.
You'd show up at her front door and instead of "Hello" when you walked in, you'd hear "Merry Christmas".
What a wonderful woman. What a wonderful time of year.
What a wonderful song for bringing all that back to me, time and time again.
What songs do that for you?
All The Best,
-- Don


Anonymous said…
The soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

We play it frequently at home from Thanksgiving til New Years. No other time, really.

We have a family routine where my wife, sons, and I go get a tree the first weekend in December, come home and set it up, and spend the day decorating, peeling shrimp (another tradition...grilled shrimp on tree be damned), listening to Linus and Lucy, and watching A Christmas Story (and I once shot my eye out squeezing freshly cut lime juice over the shrimp).

That's probably my favorite holiday...our family's tree day.

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