Back To School?

I'm this close to going back to school to, eventually, get my MBA. In fact, I may sign on in the next few days.

Any advice or comments?

All The Best,

-- Don


Mike said…
Go for it Buddy.

When I looked at going to grad school five years ago, I remarked to my best friend, "I'll be way over 50 before I get my master's."

He said, "You'll reach that age with or without your MPA."
Bob said…
I went to Albright College to get my Undergrad. But the way that I did it was in a Cohort experience. In a nutshell .. I attended class ONE Night a week for about 4 hours. Each class lasted anywhere from 4-6 weeks+.
I attended classes with the same group of people, which at least for my group, created both a bonding and support group. Yes we had team projects as well. We all collaborated and brought different views on the subjects as many times had study groups. The class that I was in started with 18 people and ended with I think 14. What was really great about it was that we all could go to work and have family life while not being totally obstructed with school. Furthermore, Albright is one of the highest accredited business in the country. The program that I took (Bus Admin) was designed to make a student ready for an MBA program, which I can say really is on par with many MBA programs currently available. I would encourage you to look into the program. IMHO.

Hope it is of some minor help in your search ... -Bob

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