Columbus Day Kayaking Around Long Island

(Long Island is a tiny island at Lake Marburg in York County, PA)

All captions are *above* the pictures.

Waiting for Chris, my son-in-law, to arrive.

Chris loads my kayak with his.

Arrived, with kayaks at the ready.

Finally on the water, heading for Long Island!

There are a lot of duck blinds on the islands. I also thought the stack of rocks was cool.

(See Joshua 4:21 in the Bible for a verse that immediately popped into my mind)

Of course, we were not alone.

It was overcast and about 60 degrees on Columbus Day ... and mostly calm. We had a great time kayaking, and afterwards I had a good chocolate milk shake at a nearby ice cream shop.

Next time, let me know and you can join us.

All The Best,

-- Don


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