Salt Bad for Baseball Fans

A recent study has revealed that too much salt intake is linked to a person not being able to discern a great baseball team.

Among those who eat too much salt, over 99 percent of them failed to realize that the New York Yankees are the best team ... ever.

Many of those tested became dilusional and started rooting for the Baltimore Orioles, and some even jumped on the Washington Nationals bandwagon.

So if you run into a Yankee-hater ... just relax. They're ill.


All The Best,

-- Don


TrippingBilly said…
Don, Don, Don...

I thought you were brighter than this. You think that the Yankees are the best baseball team ever? They may be the most decorated and arguably the most historic franchise in all of baseball, but this year's Yanks are not even close to being the greatest baseball team ever.

Here are my top teams of all time:
1927 Yankees- Murder’s row, Ruth, Gehrig, Lazzeri, Combs and Hoyte. (110-44)
1975 Reds- Bench, Perez, Morgan and Rose. (108-54)
1961 Yankees- Marris, Mantle, Berra, Howard and of course, Whitey Ford. (109-53)
1902 Pirates- The first dynasty led by hall of famers Honus Wagner, Fred "Cap" Clarke and "Happy Jack" Chesbro. (103-36)
2004 Red Sox- Come on, you have to at least appreciate what the "idiots" did. (98-64)


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