Let's Cut Randy A Break

Randy Moss, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings and now an Oakland Raider, admitted in an interview that he smokes pot on occasion.

Okay, say it with me: "So what!"

Let's face it: Marijuana should be legal. There is absolutely no good argument against it being legal. If anything, it should be legalized and alcohol banned.

(Of course, being a Libertarian, I'm in favor of legalizing all drugs. You want to burn your brains out smoking Crack? Help yourself! It's your decision. Natural Selection rules, baby!)

Who hasn't experimented with marijuana?

(Let me answer that rhetorical question: me, Waldo, Chris Burnside, Matt Wise. We're the only four people on the planet ...)

The point is, the hypocrits in the media will have the panties in a wad over Moss's admission ... all the while discussion their upcoming article about Randy over a couple of martinis.

And who is the hypocrit?

Randy Moss is, in fact, a pretty much down-to-earth guy, if you'd spend the time to learn more about him.

But in today's day and age, who wants to do that? Easier to blast him and move on to the next black-and-white moral issue.

All The Best,

-- Don


TrippingBilly said…
Hey Don,

I came across this while at work and remembered your blog. Thought that you might like this idea by Larry Elder.

"Legalize Drugs. Legalization does not mean approval. America spends at least $20 billion a year to fight a losing battle against drugs. (Research by William F. Buckley places America's direct and indirect costs of this "war" at more than $200 billion a year.) Experts say that worldwide, the annual drug trade may be as high as $500 billion! "Just say no" ain't gonna stop that. The drug trade provides an economic incentive for children and teens to drop out of school and earn fast money. It accounts for 50 percent of all street crimes and perhaps 30 percent of the prison population. Tax drugs, and use the money for drug treatment and additional police protection. Drug legalization would free up prison spaces, vacancies that could be used to lock up violent criminals. What about the harm to society? Drug abuse would have to increase well over fivefold to match the deaths caused by cigarette smoking (allegedly 400,000 a year)."


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