Kayaking at Laurel Lake

Chris and Erika got new kayaks last week, so we couldn't wait to go paddling together. Fate turned a kind hand, as my parents were planning a week at the cabin (at Pine Grove Furnace). So all we had to do was drop in for a night and go out on Laurel Lake the next morning.

Friday, after work, 5:30 pm. Our heavy duty off-road vehicle is loaded and standing at the ready.

Just ninety minutes later, we're at the cabin!

My dad drills out the corn and puts it on stakes for the deer. They come within 20 feet of the cabin at night to feed.

Erika was relaxing with ... uh ... pineapple juice ... yeah. Notice the corn in the oven.

That corn was enjoyed about 15 minutes later. Dinner: corn on the cob (from Blessings farm in Wrightsville and fantastic), fresh tomatoes and focaccia (from the Lancaster Market, also fabulous).

Saturday, after breakfast, my SUV is at the lake. I'm psyched.

Chris and Erika arrive just moments later.

Before heading out, I survey the lake. Looks great, about a dozen other paddlers out on the water. A few brave souls on the beach -- the water is in the low 60's.

When it's warm.

Finally, on the water.

We decided to immediately head around the island. The plants and wildlife are incredible ... a pristine area.

"Traffax reports a traffic jam on the four-oh-five ...".

Looks like we weren't the only ones to appreciate a good day on the water. This is in the area behind the island, away from everything. Simply gorgeous, crystal clear water ... to my friends in Chicago: Eat Your Heart Out!

All The Best,

-- Don


Anonymous said…
wow, really nice. i could almost smell the river/ pond. seems like a nice weekend


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