Waste Of Time?

I think not!
That is ... my surfing the web ... reading blogs about technology ... checking out web site designs ... learning about "Life Hacks" ... these things do not constitute a "waste of time". On the contrary, these are the things that contribute to my broad wealth of information and insight and make me the valuable asset (I said "asset" ... "...et" ... okay?) that I am.
So when you shoulder surf me and catch me at Gadgetopia, don't accuse me of wasting time (by the way ... and you have enough time to shoulder surf? Hmmmm ...) ... realize that I'm expanding my knowledge ... knowledge that will benefit *you*.
All The Best,
-- Don


Daniel Poynter said…
Tech blogs and 'life hacks'... pretty much summarizes my surfing habits...

Well, add del.icio.us, wikipedia, technocrati and outfoxed to that list. = )

I've struggled with all of this. To what extent am I spending most of my life reading things like how to be productive?
Bob said…
How about putting some of your favorite links on your blog?

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