Sunday Meal

I might not be as talented as the lovely Patricia Hannigan, but I can sometimes toss together an appetizing meal.

Take this past Sunday, for example. My newly-vegetarian son was home from college, and he and I and the little lady were a-hungerin' for some vittles ... so I entered the kitchen, honed my knife and started to toss together some veggie wraps.

Of oourse, it was a balmy 90-plus degrees outside, so I had the fan running in the kitchen.

And, the whole-house fan was cranking as well ...

(Forgive the mess on the right-hand side of the picture ... a little remodeling work is going on in our house. Okay ... a lot of remodeling work is going on in our house ...)

And, you absolutely must listen to Comic Opera while preparing a meal ...

But the end result was worth the wait:

All The Best,

-- Don


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