Everybody's Gone Surfin' ...

Friday, June 10 at Indian River Inlet. In a word: COLD!

Arrived at Indian River Inlet at 1:30; I had scoped out the low tide on the internet and it was 1:41. Perfect timing.

We arrived and it was downright chilly outside. Sure, it was 80 degrees ... but the offshore wind made it feel like 65. So cold that my dear wife decided she'd sit in the car and read while I froze my tush off.

Went up and checked out the beach patrol's sign. WHAT? Low tide is 5 pm??


Oh ... and in big letters: "Water Temp: 57 COLD!"

Great. Oh, and did I mention it was very windy? No waves.

So we motored down to Bethany Beach and walked their wannabe boardwalk to kill some time. Saw some nice sights (guys ... you followin' me on this one?? I'm talkin' NICE sights *nudge*).

Anyhoo ... we had a nice walk, some ice cream, and then headed back to IRI so I could freeze while Patti read.

Got there just before five o'clock. As we came over the bridge, I spotted some primo waves -- small, to be sure, but setting up nicely -- and about a dozen Brothers Of The Board already out there. I was amped.

Quick change (by the car -- you wrap a towel around you like a skirt ... er ... kilt ... and change underneath it. Old surfer trick) into both my rash guard and my shortie and I was set.

Cute, eh?

Trekked under the bridge, past the construction junk, and onto the beach.

Wonderful. No non-surfers in the water. This was heaven.

Or so I thought. More like Antarctica. You have no idea how cold your feet get when sitting on a board in 57-degree water. Seriously frostbite. The only good thing was, after a while they were so numb you couldn't feel the cold.

First wave to come along -- it's been a while, so I'm rusty -- and what do you know? Caught it, popped right up (you don't climb up on a surfboard, you pop up) and rode it in.

YES!!!!!! YES YES YES!!! NOW I remember why this is SO MUCH FRICKIN' FUN!!!!

I spent the next 45 minutes catching waves and freezing, laughing with the other nuts (one guy -- crazy -- was trunking it. Seriously brain cell damage there, my friend). Then my left rotator cuff injury came back with a vengeance, and between that and the cold, I was done.

Now all I had to do was suffer for the ride home because of my shoulder. I didn't know if I could drive ... but I learned something: Two Advil do wonders for rotator cuff pain.

So now (once I get my bedroom painted so I can move my bed out of my exercise room) I'm back to resistance training for my rotator cuff, and planning a trip in warmer weather and warmer water.

But for now, I'm on cloud nine. Or make that "Wave Nine".

Hang Ten and All The Best,

-- Don


Miles said…
So buy a real wet suit and stop your bitchin !

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