100 Things About Me

Since the world revolves around me ...

(You know ... in fact, to each of us, the world does revolve around us. After all, who wants to live someone else's life??)

1. I love attention. But you knew that.
2. I have a big ... Ego. :-)
3. I don't mind the cold, but I hate when it's windy. Even in the summer. Ever try to ride a bike in the wind? Argh!
4. I love my children more than anything in this world. You just cannot imagine.
5. I love our dog, but I'd get rid of her in a heartbeat if it was up to me. I hate owning pets.
6. I have a great dislike for aquariums. Keeping fish is like collecting used coffee filters. B-o-r-i-n-g.
7. When I eat ice cream, I mash it up until it's soft. Then, I coat the back of my spoon and lick it off. Sounds disgusting to watch, but it's a slice of heaven to me.
8. When I eat Jello brand gelatin, I put some on my spoon and then suck it in through pursed lips. Again, disgusting. Don't know where I picked that up.
9. I'd rather surf than do anything else in the world.
10. I love to golf and I'm terrible at it. I don't get angry, because I don't care about my score. I just enjoy golfing.
11. I'm not good at basketball, but I love to play. I can dribble and hustle on defense; that's about it.
12. I ran the 100-yard dash in 10.6 in high school. I'm pretty fast.
13. I like to read.
14. My favorite spectator sport is the National Hockey League. When they come back, I'll be waiting. I love hockey.
15. I love to program computers. Absolutely love it. It's a kick.
16. I hate painting (you know, like painting the walls in your house).
17. I could run a huge corporation. Leadership is just making decisions, and I know how to make good and right decisions. After all, New Coke wasn't my fault.
18. I enjoy bourbon and Diet Coke with lime.
19. My favorite fast food is Taco Bell.
20. My favorite color is black. It's "clah-sick".
21. If I had to do it over, I'd be a surgeon. I have the intelligence, good hands, and I love the idea of healing people.
22. I love people. I love being around strangers and meeting people for the first time. I'm fascinated by differing opinions and viewpoints.
23. I had three mother figures while growing up; my mom, my grandmother (who lived with us), and my sister. Yeah ... I was so spoiled.
24. When I turned 16, I was given the keys to a BMW 2002 and a credit card for gas. I was the envy of every other guy in high school.
25. I once grabbed the pom-poms from a cheerleader during a junior high football game and led a cheer. I did it because some people said they'd give me 50 cents if I'd do it.
26. I once ran in a track meet (the third leg of a 440 relay) in my bare feet.
27. I went to Penn State/York right out of high school (as in that very summer) not because I wanted to, but because I felt pressured to. That's why I didn't finish.
28. I love snow. My theory is that you can tell how old a person is by asking them if they like snow. After all, all children love snow. Don't like snow? You're old.
29. I'm not at all superstitious. I'll carry an open umbrella under a ladder while kicking a mirror, doesn't bother me at all.
30. I've never received an award from any peers of any kind.
31. I dream of speaking at my old high school's graduation some year. I'm sure it'll never happen.
32. My biggest fear is that I'll get some kind of health problem that will prevent me from being so active.
33. I get severely depressed at times.
34. I went to Bible School for just over four years to study for the ministry. I quit when I realized that most churches are just a "business".
35. I converted from being an atheist to Christianity when I was 18. No one pushed me; I was converted by reading the Bible. John 11:37 is the very verse that I read and "the lights came on", so-to-speak.
36. I miss my sister (she lives in Atlanta now), but I'm incredibly happy for her. I think the world of her husband.
37. My brother, Bill, is a better man than I am. Seriously. I wish I had his character.
38. I've never had a real argument with my parents or my siblings.
39. I once helped a guy build a log cabin in the mountains. It was the coolest project I've ever undertaken. That was in 1987; he still lives in it.
40. I had a magazine article published about my friend's life in his cabin. I got $15 for it.
41. I was a part-time sportswriter for four years. It was fun, but took too much time away from the family.
42. I'm in favor of gay marriage. If two people love each other, I couldn't care less about the rest. It's their issue, not mine.
43. I believe everything expressed in the Apostle's Creed.
44. I'd rather listen to the old hymns than attend a contemporary service at church.
45. My childhood sports heroes were Franco Harris and Willie Stargell.
46. I like all music, but I really like the old crooners the best. Sinatra rules.
47. If I won millions in the lottery, I'd buy a yacht. I'd golf and surf a lot.
48. The fastest I've ever traveled on land is 120 mph. In the Spyder. And no, it wasn't topped out. Of course, that doesn't count traveling in a jet just prior to wheels up.
49. I love to listen to opera.
50. When it comes to movies, I really love musicals.
51. My all-time favorite movie is "Chicago".
52. I think Catherine Zeta-Jones is gorgeous.
53. Nothing gets me angrier than any infringement of personal property, whether it be by a burglar, a neighbor, or (especially) the government.
54. I want to go on a cruise with my wife in the next two years. Somewhere warm.
55. Summer is my favorite season.
56. Spring is my least favorite season. Too cold to really enjoy the outdoors; too wet, too.
57. The best date to take a new girlfriend is this: Get good seats at a professional baseball game. You can cheer the team, and there's plenty of time to have great conversation.
58. I know I could make a living by betting on horses. But it'd be just as much work as programming, so why bother?
59. I want a girl with a short skirt and a l-o-n-g jacket.
60. I'm getting a kilt.
61. I like working for myself because of the variety. Going to the same job day after day? Come on! What's the difference between a "groove" and a "rut".
62. My son, Ian, is the smartest person I know. Funniest, too.
63. My daughter, Erika, is the sweetest person I know.
64. I like to read Car & Driver, Men's Health, Utne and Cigar Aficionado magazines.
65. I don't read novels. Ever. Got no time for fiction.
66. President George W. Bush turned me against the Republican Party. But I've always been pretty much a Libertarian.
67. I recently started shooting for fun. Sporting Clays. Like all other athletic activities, I'm lousy ... but I enjoy it.
68. I'd rather a good cigar than a one-hour nap.
69. I started smoking cigars as a libertarian rebellion against the Smoking Nazis. Then ... guess what ... I liked 'em!!
70. My favorite sound is the sound of walking on gravel.
71. My favorite group is The Rolling Stones.
72. I studied karate as a teen.
73. I can still do 25 one-armed pushups. That is, 25 with the right arm, 25 with the left. At 46 years old!
74. I refuse to use chemicals on my lawn. They end up in the Chesapeake Bay and kill the fish and crabs.
75. I like to wear nice clothing.
76. I once sent $25 to the PTL Club for a "free" Bible. D'oh!
77. I drive slow. Seriously. I gave up fast driving about four years ago.
78. I don't "get" NASCAR.
79. But I love Formula 1.
80. I listen to Rush Limbaugh and read Michael Moore. Go figure.
81. My favorite bread is Roman Meal.
82. My definition of "The Good Life" is when you don't own or use an alarm clock.
83. I like Martha Stewart.
84. I can't stand to watch Rachel Ray, however.
85. Lacrosse is pretty cool, but soccer you can have. B-O-R-I-N-G.
86. I think the key to being a good husband is listening intently to your wife ... and then doing what you feel is best for the both of you.
87. All I want is encouragement and to feel like I'm doing great.
88. My father told me he was proud of me in 1995. That was the best thing I've ever been told. There is no greater joy than knowing that your father is proud of you.
89. I went nine years (1985 through 1994) without a television. Never missed it.
90. I can juggle.
91. I can ride a unicycle.
92. I'm very comfortable with who I am. I've truly "found myself".
93. I don't like to take unnecessary risks when it comes to my health. You won't find me participating in Parkour.
94. I think surfing is the best thing in the world, bar none. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is a much fun and as rewarding as surfing.
95. After 26 years of marriage, I still think my wife is gorgeous.
96. The more you are around 10-year olds, the better your view of life.
97. Marijuana and a lot of other drugs should be legal.
98. Natural Law and Natural Selection shouldn't be messed with too much.
99. I'm stronger than you, or better looking, or make more money ... or something. Every one of us has an "edge". To focus on someone else's "edge" over your own is foolish. If you're a millionaire ... fine ... I can bench press more. Doesn't matter now, does it?
100. All that really matters is who you love and who loves you. The only thing in life that amounts to anything is "relationships". The rest is fluff or just showing off.

All The Best,

-- Don


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Wow, I think you and Jason are long lost twins, Don!

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