Gift Ideas For Don's 46th Birthday on May 27, 2005

A UtiliKilt, 34.5 waist and 22 (or so) length.
(please note; my waist is 32, but the kilts are cut weird. Trust me on this one)
Any good cigars, including (but, of course, not limited to ...)
  1. La Aroma de Cuba
  2. Punch
  3. El Rey Del Mundo
  4. Camacho
  5. La Gloria Cubana Serie R
  6. Macanudo
  7. Cohiba
  8. Montecristo
  9. Don Lino Africa
Any music CD's by the Rolling Stones, except for Let It Bleed and Bridges To Babylon -- I already have those two.
12-gauge shotgun shells for Trap shooting.
Any size bottle of Buffalo Trace.
Any size bottle of Maker's Mark.
That's it for now.


SH said…
Tsk tsk, Don, how can we send you something without your address??
-- Don said…
You're too sweet ... but I don't really expect anything. It's all in fun.
Anonymous said…
**thinkin she would hafta take out a loan to purchase one of Don's cigars** guess who?

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