Don't Want To Jinx Myself

I don't want to jinx myself ... but things have been going incredibly well for my wife and I for the past three months or so.

I landed a second client, and with it comes a decent increase in income. Good enough that Patti is able to leave her frustrating job as a pastry chef and either: Stay home for the summer and cook and garden, or; get a more rewarding pastry chef job where she can make wedding cakes.

We landed a new mortgage at a lower rate and are saving money there, too.

The pool is open ... we had a great weekend of gardening ... and I'm back on the bike every morning.

Things are going well. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

All The Best,

-- Don


Anonymous said…
Bravo! Good for you to be biking everyday! Good for Patti for having the time/ability to reassess her priorities! Good for you both to have a bit more money to realize any and all of your desires!! hugs and kisses!
pete said…
Hehe, thanks for the 'shout out' Don. Best of luck in all you do.

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