Dinner Last Friday Night

Patti and I treated The Krichten to dinner at The Left Bank in York.

Arrived at 6 pm for a 7:45 dinner. A few adult beverages, some cigars (Opus X for me) and great conversation spelled the 105 minutes until we were seated. It's always a visual treat to be at The Left Bank -- guys, you follow me??


Dinner was fantastic. Shared a small bottle of Pino Grigio. I had the jerk pork, Patti some fish (halibut?) stuffed with lump blue crab meat, and Joe some shrimp. It was all just perfect.

My physician was seated at another table, and I sent a bottle of champagne over with a note, "To Barry, Thank You, from Don". He appreciated that. The guy has saved my life; it was the least I could do.

(That's not hyperbole. Had he not diagnosed and treated my severe depression back in 1998, I wouldn't be here.)

Afterwards, I wanted a tiny, tiny bit of something sweet for dessert -- just enough for a taste. Our server was kind enough to get a very small scoop of ice cream and cover it with a hard chocolate shell. Perfect.

Had a great evening. Thank you, Joe and Patti.

All The Best,

-- Don


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