Score One For The Good Guys

Sunday morning, wife, daughter, son-in-law and myself took a ride into Willow Street to visit the Lancaster County Winery.

We were driving along a creek when we came within 100 yards of some low-life bottom feeding scum who were dumping insulation by the creek.

They spotted us and took off.

And you ask why I always carry a digital camera. Silly you.

I snapped two pictures of their truck. Later, we drove up to the spot where they were dumping and I snapped two pictures of their environmental disaster. Looked like some insulation that had been through a house fire. Four pictures for the DEP!

As we headed home, we happened past a home about a mile from the site that looked as though it had been through a fire. And a lot of burnt insulation was in the front yard. We took note of the address.

I promptly notified the Pennsylvania Department of Environment Protection, gave them the information, and emailed the four pictures.

Let's hope those bastards pay. Score one for those of us who Play By The Rules!

All The Best,

-- Don


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