A Nice Saturday

My wife had the very rare Saturday off work.

Slept in until (gasp) eight o'clock! Whoa ... haven't slept past 6:00 in about a month. That was a good start.

Quick shower and we were off to breakfast. We were heading to a typical York breakfast (two eggs, toast and home fries for $1.89) when we decided for a change. So we pulled into Panera.

I had the "everything" bagel (they didn't have lox *frown*) with the veggie cream cheese, a cafe mocha and some orange juice. I like to drink orange juice in the morning; I always say "It's like drinking sunshine".

She opted for an apple bagel with maple walnut cream cheese and a latte. It was a French style of breakfast. Small and lots of carbs. You can have your low carb diet, I'll take my good bread, thankyewverymush.

Very relaxing.

We took the Rendezvous to the car wash, and then went to the York Expo Center for a gardening show.

Lots of landscape displays, and we got a lot of great ideas for your next project out back: the courtyard, retaining wall and the cascading waterfall into our second pond. Now, we're really anxious.

Spent about two hours there and enjoyed very minute of it.

We then headed south to Jacobus, to visit the new restaurant that Chef Michael opened next to his bakery. Chef Michael was on of Patti's teachers at culinary school, and he was also the chef at our daughter's wedding. He's really great.

Had a two-and-one-half hour lunch, and it was great. The Seven Valleys winery has a shop in the building, and I got a bottle of "Proprietor's White", chilled. Fantastic, and this is coming from a Red Wine Snob.

For the appetizer, we shared some bruschetta and olives. Mmmm ... I love bruschetta (and I make a good bruschetta, if I may say so myself).

I had a panini for lunch, made with Italian meats and cheeses with some onions and tomatoes. Sounds rather plain. Wrong ... it was excellent.

Patti had tomato basil soup and a croissant with chicken salad.

Everything was incredible.

While there, we stuck up a very pleasant conversation with a couple at the table next to us. Turns out they frequent that restaurant ... well ... quite frequently. As in two or three times every weekend! Tremendously enjoyed the conversation.

Heading back toward home, we weren't ready to call it a day; it was just before three o'clock. So a quick mobile call to my parents, and we had a date: we were heading to Ray's Cigar shop at Lancaster.

I'd not been there before. I stopped once, but they were closed. My dad had only recently "discovered" the place and was raving about it.

So we swung by my parents' house, then headed east.

The tourist traffic in Lancaster was heavy, but we were fortunate in that Ray's was just prior to the Outlets.

Ray's doesn't have a walk-in humidor, but it doesn't matter. The interior is very well maintained, and the cigar selection was top notch.

I grabbed seven premiums, including a local cigar that is rolled by a local Cuban defector. Perfectly made, they burn straight and ash about two inches.

We retired with coffees and Cokes in hand to the back lounge, with two huge leather sofas and some occasional chairs. Ninety minutes of bliss as I enjoyed a Torano Silver Anniversary Churchill; my dad entertained the locally-made brand. The four of us enjoyed our wandering conversation in a lounge that was decorated with track lights, brightly-colored walls and a beautiful painted concrete floor.

About five o'clock, we called it a day and headed back to York. While dropping my parents off at there house, my dad rewarded me with four frozen York Peppermint Patties!

Patti and I headed home, got into our "lounge clothes" (chic-speak for pajamas) and turned on Food Network. Since Iron Chef America made me hungry, I sliced up a selection of five different cheeses (including a delicious "Dubliner" that we picked up Whole Foods) and some cold, leftover pork loin, and we "picked" at our dinner.

As I wrap up this recap, Emeril is entertaining us with "March Madness Food", Patti is knitting another dishcloth, Penny is chewing a bone, and the cat is -- what else? -- sleeping on the sofa.

Great day. Entertaining, relaxing, and rewarding. Days like this make you realize that life can be great.

All The Best,

-- Don


Bob said…
Sounds like a wonderful time.

That $1.89 breakfast would have cost about $8-$10 w/ OJ and coffee down here in Miami. Actually, I paid $13 for OJ, coffee, eggs, bacon and toast. SheeesH!
Bob said…
Sounds like a wonderful time.

That $1.89 breakfast would have cost about $8-$10 w/ OJ and coffee down here in Miami. Actually, I paid $13 for OJ, coffee, eggs, bacon and toast. SheeesH!
Bob said…
I have no idea about the double post? ... fell free to delete one.

ps.. You should submit the "Takes like Sunshine" comment to a few OJ companies. It should only take 5-10 min and could make you a few $'s

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