Phantom Of The Opera

Went to see the movie "Phantom Of The Opera" (finally!) last Friday night. My wife wasn't as excited to see it as I was (an aside: I love love love musicals), but she enjoyed it.

I, on the other hand, loved it. It's number two on my all-time list, a close second behind "Chicago". If Catherine Zeta-Jones had performed the lead in Phantom, it might be my all-time favorite.

You see, Catherine Zeta-Jones is my all-time favorite!

But on the other hand ... Catherine, in all her beauty (she'd be crazy about me if she ever met me ... so I guess it's good we don't meet), could not have carried the musical the way the young and stunning Miss Emmy Rossum did. That young lady is not only gorgeous, but she can sing like you cannot imagine. She stepped in for Sarah Brightman (who played the role of Christine Daae in the 1987 movie) and did an even better job. Wow!

The music's been pouring through my head ever since Friday night. And the romance and sensuality of the scenes is ... well ... it's very well done. Just incredible.

Minnie Driver should win an award for her role as the Diva. She was outstanding.

The cinematography is tops also.

See the movie; you will not be disappointed.

All The Best,

-- Don


Anonymous said…
no, the best musical is cabaret....i have heard this movie is very sensual....hafta make time for it ...heheheheh

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