Now that headline got your attention!

Isn't it funny how our attention is turned to money so quickly? Want to change the ambience of a room? Simply pull out a $20-bill. Instantly, the tone will change.

There's something about money. The accumulation of wealth is something almost all of us seek.

Yet, wealth in of itself is nothing. You see, we don't want money, we want the things that money can buy.

Cars, houses, vacations. All nice stuff. I like my house. I drive a fun car. I just got back from a "working vacation" in Las Vegas. I've had some great summers in Kitty Hawk, some wonderful autumn vacations in the mountains (my parents and siblings have a cabin at Pine Grove Furnace State Park). I earn a respectable income.

Yet, that's nothing.

Some define wealthy as "not having to work". Okay, in that case, I'm rich beyond belief. You see, if you love what you do, it's not "work". So, I don't work.

But that's still nothing.

True wealth is something that I have in abundance. I need to often remind myself of this, but it's true always.

True wealth is love. A loving family. I have two children that I love beyond words, and they love me. Parents ... brothers and sisters ... friends. Toss in a 26-year-plus marriage, and I'm loaded, folks!

You can't buy that! It's not for sale. You can't run down to The Home Depot and bring back a pickup full of affection, caring and concern. Nope, sorry, but you just can't.

Don't believe me? Ask anyone who has lost a loved one; they'd trade all their money to have that loved one back. Every penny. Would to God it were possible, I'd take another mortgage to have my nephew back.

Suddenly, all that 401K dough doesn't seem so relevant, eh?

I'd rather push a broom for $5 an hour and live in a run-down apartment than give up a child.

Think about that. No, really think about that!

And get your priorities straight! Life's too short to be bugged about your VISA bill when you have all this wealth around you.

All The Best,

-- Don


rich said…
amen buddy

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