Taking It To Heart

Recently, our son (Ian ─ a genius whom your child waits on at Quiznos) was home from The World's Greatest University for four weeks for Christmas Winter Break. During that time, he worked for my company, Xceeda, Inc.. We commuted to a client site together.

(An aside: Xceeda, Inc. has a very informative Business Blog)

After he had returned to college, I learned (from The One Who Corrects Me) that Ian and my daughter (Erika) had discussed my driving habits. Erika agreed with Ian that I'm "scary". Ian told me that I'm "too aggressive".

Fair enough. I can take criticism ... after all, isn't that the gist of being married? *laugh*

So, since then, I've slowed down and become very much not aggressive in my driving. I take my time and no longer care if I'm so-called late for work.

(My friend, Joe Krichten, pointed out that when you work for yourself, "you're never late for work!" Brilliant!)

So ... thanks, kids, for the gentle reminder. I've become more conscience of my driving and have made a concerted effort to improve.

Sometimes, as people, we need our to be alerted to our Blind Spots. Let's all take the time to listen and consider any criticism, and take to heart anything that might be true yet out of our immediate view.

All The Best,

-- Don


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