Nodding Background

So I'm winging across the United States at 38,000 feet, on my way to work in Las Vegas. Yeah ... work. Work! Figures, eh? I mean, there are 179 other souls on this jet, and I'm probably the only one who is dreading nine-hour days, on my feet, having to explain a client's web site to people who are about as computer-savvy as Wal-Mart is ethical. That is, about none at all.

There was a movie on the flight -- just ended -- some lowly-rated, "let's hope it makes money" flick called "Wimbledon". Kirsten Dunst (who I do not find at all attractive) and some wimpy English "chap" starred in it.

I chose, rather, to listen to some jazz on my headphones and do some reading -- which is interesting after two, quickly back-to-back whisky-and-Coke drinks! Woo-hoo.

Anyhow ... since I wasn't listening to the movie, and only occasionally catching a glimpse of it, I noticed something peculiar: whenever people were in the background of a scene, one or more people who were engaged in the background conversation would nod. Smile and nod. As if "Oh, yes!" where the background to life.

Got me thinking; I wonder how often you see a shake of the head and a "No!" in the background. Probably never. Hollywood and it's "Oh, let's be positive and happy and life is good" crap. No wonder movies fail so often -- they're too unrealistic.

Just once, I'd like to see someone in a movie say "Hang on, I gotta run to the restroom". Just once.


Speaking of which, those whiskys are calling!

All The Best,

-- Don


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