Hope He Goes 0-20

Randy Johnson, the newest purchase for the money-led New York Yankees, displayed his arrogance in high fashion on Monday by accosting a photographer.

Arrogant. Pompous. Full of himself. Makes me sick.

I hope he goes 0-20 with a 10.33 ERA.

It was bad enough putting up with Roger Clemens for all those years in New York, now it's Randy "Big Doofus" Johnson.


C said…
You write: "Arrogant. Pompous. Full of himself."

He'll fit right in.

Go Orioles/Nationals!!
Anonymous said…
I'm seriously contemplating removing my support of the Yankees. It was nice when they were just another player in the free agent market, but now it's just buy buy buy without regard to any tradition. Jeter is Yankees ... Randy Johnson is ... is ... something else.

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