Thank God 2004 is over. It was, without a doubt, the worst year of my life. Looking back, it was a step backwards in nearly every area of my life: financially (flirted with Chapter 7 for a while), relationships (don't ask), health (haven't worked out since April), and happiness (depression in autumn). One could say I gained ground spiritually because I started to visit a local church on a semi-regular basis, but those who would say that would be those who make the mistake of relating spirituality with your obedience to a group of people in a building. Big mistake.

But the year ended, I'm still kicking, and I'm slowly gaining confidence. I am strengthening my "I don't care what you think" attitude and learning more and more how to make Don (version 2.0, Three Laws Safe!) more happy.

So bring on 2005!

I don't make New Year resolutions. Instead, I pick a "theme" for the year.

My theme for 2004 was To Not Be As Nice. It was a pretty successful year. I'm learning to become less nice ... less likely to be pushed around ... less likely to be stepped on. It may sound harsh to you, but unless you've been as spineless as I've been for the past 25 years, it won't make sense.

So, for 2005, my "theme" is "Me". It's all about me this year. I am going to make myself happy first. Everyone else comes next. Too bad if that bothers you ... but if I'm not happy, I can't make you happy, eh?

And, for 2005, I did make a resolution:

I'm getting rid of anything and anybody that gets in my way.

2004 was my year of strengthing my defense. For 2005, I'm going on the offense.

Hang on, it promises to be interesting!

All The Best,

-- Don


Anonymous said…
**appaulase...appaulase**...dammit i hate that i cant spell....**muahahahahah**

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