Name That Software

Here's your chance.

What software would you like to see written? What software do you use that could be improved or made easier to use?

I'm looking for ideas, and Xceeda, Inc. (my company) will decide whether or not we can make a profit. Then, our team of developers will crank it out in short order. You can have the software for FREE, and we'll go on to sell it.

Got any ideas? Project Management? Document Management? How about a web site where people can post pictures, and the top X number of pictures each week are selected and featured on

Come on, folks ... gotta be something you'd like to see.

All The Best, and Happy Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday),

-- Don


Anonymous said…
I got some ideas on this Don.

I am developing a ‘small business’ of my own. Although when I say ‘small business’ I am looking at 5 million+ to get it started. Never-the-less, my idea is an acclimation of several differing products and services which all need to be integrated and tied to a central system. I need to be able to access cash flows and trends in sales to assist in advertising and marketing dollars. I also need an intense integrated networking and software system that allows for multiple users, but only allows that user to access his or her own cash drawer, and have assess to system functions that allows the employee to troubleshoot if necessary. I’ll have to have a built-in ‘just-in-time’ ordering system that automatically re-orders merchandise according to the parameters that I have set up according to industry and local trends. These areas include food, beverage and various products associated to a small snack area, inventories tracking MANY products ( this is very vast and left purposefully vague) clothing, and multi-networking services, including swipable cards with client info that will need to be integrated into a database, which will be used for marketing, promotions and discounts. Additionally, this is not just ‘in-house’ but will also need to be accessible throughout 3 or greater locations.

All of this and more, and it has to be easy to use.

One more thing .. I am only in the planning stage. I am still writing my business plan for submittal to angle investors and venture cabalists. I still have to secure funds, lease and look into build-out.

But you asked for some ideas soooooo … Good Luck 8p

Anonymous said…
Dang-It, no edit feature !!

I ment Angel and Capitalists ~
I would love to have an idea management software. You know, the kind with wiki-like links to other pages, where each page, each idea, even text paragraphs can be commented and labelled (no categories, it's to restricting)... I'd love to organize things to do in nested order and colored tags, search my notes really powerfully, (search: "get a job" label:todo,urgent color: red), with a simple interface, with drag & drop, the possibility to insert images in my notes, silly sounds and videos...
that would be, of course, designed for a web use, so it would make HTML exports, it would have a document manager (with FTP, of course) and a post-to-blog setting. Yeah, it would be cool.

I could grow the list of features longer (integrating the software into my browser, controling my music player, organizing my bookmarks, saving pieces of webpages as new notes, editing HTML code...)

Of course, knowing myself, I would use it one week, then I'll come back to my post-it notes on the sides of my screen, but oh well...
Tommy said…
I would like to have a firm morph OneNote into a more easy to use/functional product like BaseCamp did w/ project management software (although not an ASP).

I've been on a computer since my first Mac in 1988 and I have never had a program that can come close to replacing a simple legal pad and mechnical pencil to take notes, create an outline, edit copy, or just compose a to-do-list. And I can type faster then I can write. This seems strange!

I bought OneNote the second it hit the market. It is neat, but just overloaded with features. Let me just type, create an outline, drop and drag an image (let me drop and drag a .txt file), doodle, heck let me attached .doc or .pdf file to a note.

I admit the voice recording function is neat, but I don't use it very often. Plus, the interface is just too much. I would say I only use about 5-6 percent of the products features.

I have to believe there are smarter people out there then me that could figure something out. I keep hearing (not so much lately) about the paperless office. Well my desk has more paper on it now then it every has.
Tommy said…
Whoops, a few things I left out Don. Althought I would want this software to be hosted on my computer, I would also want the ability to share selected notes (and any attachments) so other people could review and comment. Calendar integration w/ Mozilla or iCal won't be bad either, but not something vital.

I just feel like there is a void in product offerings. On one end I use either NoteTab Pro or OneNote when I don't use paper. NoteTab is simple and startforward for taking notes, but it lacks some of the basics I need. OneNote addresses what NoteTab lacks, but has too much "junk."

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