Hillary '08

After being registered as a Republican for 27 years, and after voting Libertarian for 20 years, I broke stride -- after waiting in line for three hours and 15 minutes last night -- and voted for a Democrat for President. I wanted to vote Libertarian, but I felt too strongly that we needed a new administration.

Total bummer. Is a one trillion dollar deficit in the future? I wouldn't be surprised.

I'm generally conservative, but I do see changes that need to be made. We can make progress without surrending the Constitution. It can be done.

Hurry up 2008.

All The Best,

-- Don


Patricia said…
Hi Don: I was totally bummed about the election too. Funny how so many of today's republicans seem oblivious to the fiscal irresponsibility of this administration. Like, they don't care if our economy has a total meltdown as long as gays can't get married. What's that all about? Anyway, we did our part, Kerry won in CT and PA right? Now we can only wait for Clinton/Obama in 2008. Anyway, good luck with your new blog...need some photos of the new you. I'm still trying to get the time together to really update mind...For now I just keep posting excuses for why it's not done. Hope that will change soon. So, take care and have fun.

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