First Post Jitters

I closed my former blog and started this blog because, well, I'm trying to "re-invent" myself (the latest buzzword to replace "new and improved").

I'm attempting to break for the bad habits of the past ... bad eating habits ... bad exercise habits ... bad relationship habits ... etc, etc.

I'm dropping the things and people that are working against me, and surrounding myself with success.

I know ... sounds corny. But I have to move forward. I have to address the "shadows" of my personality ... embrace the ones that I've been secretly longing for ... discard the ones that are toxic.

Read Jung for more information.

Given that, I'm starting now ... here ... November 2, 2004.

Don, Version 2.0.

All The Best,

-- Don


Ian said…
boo, I had to sign in with my *old* blogger username that hasn't been updated like, forever and stuff.

SO, read Jung eh? At least that's better than his cocaine addicted mentor, Freud.

You might also want to read the psychological theories of learned helplessness, self-fulfilling prophecy, and some of the finer points of the psychology of personality. :)

In the mean time *I* will research proper spelling and grammar. :)
Ian said…
It's all in your head man, it's all in your head!
Ryan said…
I recommend the book: "No More Mr. Nice Guy". I know, it sounds terrible... but it's really quite good. Nice to see you back ;)

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