Can't Buy A Break

I swear, I couldn't buy a break.

So I decide to re-dedicate myself to personal growth, self-improvement and being more assertive.

So what happens? I'm down for the count for six days -- the flu and a sinus infection.

Sheesh ... I really can't win.

Oh well ... I did have a really good conversation with my forceful wife (between her complaining about money and nagging me to do some paperwork for my business while nursing a fever, flu, etc etc). I explained to her that I'm going through my mid-life crisis and that I'm going to start doing more things for myself. That I cannot lead my life based on her fear. That I need to be stronger. That I need to establish myself as a man who stands on his own.

She says she understands and is glad I explained it. Time will tell.

All The Best,

-- Don


James said…
I heard they had breaks for sale at the mall yesterday
Patricia said…
Hi Don: Sorry to hear about your breaklessness. I can totally relate...sort of, in a way.

Nick, my forceful husband, and I live an "out of proportion, over-the-top, ultra-consumer" lifestyle that forces us to be working all the time...or worrying about work. I really feel like what I want to do is simplify it by half (it would still be totally fine) and be less consumed with anxiety about work... dedicate more of my energy to me (us)and less to other things...including the material possessions are only there to impress others. Unfortunately he seems to feel like he's (we're) addicted to "the lifestyle to which we're accustomed, and then some” and unable to cut back anywhere. And we're tethered together by marriage and all that implies. I say, I can sort of relate. Anyway, I'm definitely updating by blog tonight...while Nick's out playing poker and smoking cohibas. It's really suffered --- due to --- what else ??? Work. Best, Pat
Ok Don. I have a new word to add to your vocab.


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